Tires And Safety : Rubber Tires

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Rubber Tires: Rubber Tires play crucial role in enabling better performance for the vehicles. These are important parts in automobiles, trucks, buses, aircrafts, tractors, industrial machines, shopping carts, bicycles, motorbikes and baby carriages. There are many applications of rubber tires and over the years the demand for this product has been increasing since many new vehicles are launched every day and also there are many number of vehicles which are already in use. Tires are the only point of contact of the vehicles on the road and the intentions of the driver who is driving the vehicles. Tires are strong and have flexible rubber casing which is attached to the rim of the wheel. Tires help in providing the gripping surface in order to provide traction and acts a cushion of the wheels for any moving vehicle. Tire play an important role in vehicles as tires act as base of the vehicle and weights the vehicle, tires help in reducing the impact of the load of the vehicle, helping in controlling the vehicle, makes steering of the vehicle easy, acts as controller of the vehicle with the help of steering. The benefits of using rubber tires in vehicles include easy steering, braking, and safe ride, comfortable and cornering. The sub parts of the tires include the tread, tread lug, tread void, rain groove, sipe, wear bar, bead, side wall, shoulder and ply. Tread: The Tread is the main part of the tires since it comes in contact to the road surface. The tread consists of a composite compound which is formulated to ensure and suit the purpose of the tire applications. These tread patterns help in serving as the purpose of water draining, helps in providing good traction, helping in having good braking contact and cornering. These tre... ... middle of paper ... ...rubber material which is extracted are formed into sheets. These sheets are dried in the tall smokehouses. These sheets are then sent to the shop floor, where the following process will be done to produce the rubber tires. The main material which is mixed with rubber tire is carbon black. Carbon black is soft and fine powder. It is formed when the crude oil or natural gas is burned in small amounts of oxygen which results in incomplete combustion. Sulfur chemical is used in tire manufacturing and this is also important chemical which is used in tire manufacturing process. To attain good market growth and in order to have niche over the other manufacturing company, my company will manufacture different types of tires. To produce different types of tires, specific chemicals are mixed with rubber and heating this material, in order to produce specific type of tires.
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