Tips for Effective High Pressure Cleaning

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High pressure cleaning is the easiest way to wash the messiest driveways, pathways, windows and concrete. Though using a cleaner is not tough, but using it well requires some getting used-to. There are things you need to consider to avoid accidents as well as wear and tear of the equipment. You spend a lot of money to buy a washer and reckless use of it would probably damage it. As they say, handle with care. First of all, read the manual carefully. High pressure cleaning could be fun once you know what you are doing. Take a few minutes to practice before you start working on a surface and get the feel of the wand. That way you would work better while you are cleaning. Dress up well before a session of high pressure cleaning. Not like you’re going to a party; but in order to protect your body, get your eyewear, boots, gloves and jeans ready. Once you have connected all the attachments, adjust the pressure and temperature according to the surface you need to get cleaned. You would need detergents and chemicals to fight with the stains but don’t go out blasting off the stains. No matter what pressure setting you choose, the volume of water would be the same. It’s not the water volume that works but the pressure. It is advised that you start off with low pressure to let the soap lather and gradually increase it to make rinsing easier. Keep the nozzle a few feet above the ground surface and adjust the distance of wand from the stain while working to get better results. Although it works the best downwards, the washer is effective in cleaning higher surfaces as well. However, never use a ladder whilst cleaning with the high pressure washer as the pressure can knock you off. You can use a 24’ wand that is easy to operate and wash up to 2-3 story buildings. Controlling the wand when you are at it is difficult but practice and you would be able to manage it well. In any case, grip the wand with both hands at all times. Give the chemicals 10-15 minutes to set before washing the surface again. When you are done soaking the surface with soap, rinsing the soap comes next. High pressure is used to perform this task. Rinse and remove all the stains by using your wand in a sweeping motion.

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