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“Tintinnabulation” (Editorial on “The Bells) In “The Bells,” by Edgar Allan Poe, Poe writes about the musical clanging of church bells. The careful descriptions of ringing bells touch on how human emotion is connected with music, good and bad. The way that people feel is affected by their music. In this world of hip-hop and the cacophony of automobiles, people are less connected to real music. Real music being defined as something that moves, and causes a deeper emotion. The constant yelling of the world, demanding attention, can allow for little but hustle and bustle. Allow me to take you to a peaceful place, where bells ring through the air, a beautiful symphony. What does it make you feel? Music brings emotion back into life. “The Bells,” by Edgar Allan Poe teaches us that music can make you feel deeper emotion, connect with human nature, and understand fear. “The Bells,” Teaches us to feel more because of music. Many people think that music is simply something to occupy time. It’s much more than that. Music is the language of the soul, the motto of lif...

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