Tina Liebling Case Study

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1828 words

Tina Liebling is a major candidate for Minnesota governor. She is a Minnesotan native from a large family of 5, where she is the second oldest. She grew up in Minnesota tell she moved to Massachusetts with her father after her parents’ divorce. However, she quickly returned to Minnesota for college, where she attended the University of Minnesota. Due to her low financial support Tina took on 3 jobs. Although Tina graduated from Minnesota with a B.A in Spanish her educational career did not end there. She continued her education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she gained a M. S in Public Heath and then she also earned a J.D at Boston University School of Law. She then moved to Chicago for a summer internship at …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that tina liebling is a major candidate for minnesota governor.
  • Explains that keith downey was born and raised in minnesota and decided to enter politics after seeing the magnitude of help the government needed.
  • Explains keith downey's plan to reduce government spending by 15%, introduce zero-based budgeting, create a regular schedule, and align pay for public and private sectors.
  • Explains keith's plan to remove the power of healthcare from the government’s hand to the peoples’ hands by implementing income-adjusted vouchers instead of all state-run insurance plans.
  • Analyzes how the wheel of shootings is being spun by a political figure and will continue to spin as long as the politician runs.
  • Compares tim walz and jeff johnson for the democratic primary election for governor.
  • Analyzes how dane smith's article "dayton boldly advanced cause of racial, economic equity" demonstrates a biased piece.
  • Explains liebling's philosophy of paying taxes as long as they are fair and they know the money is going to a good place.
  • Opines that the obama tax plan demonstrates a functional plan they see for america.

Tina believes in the progressive tax system. Essentially, she thinks the more a person makes the more their taxes will be. With the progressive tax system everyone is able to have opportunities to succeed. The start to the system is the “fourth tier” this is directed to the wealthiest Minnesotans stating they have the highest amount of taxes. Liebling believes further examining the tax code for outdated is the next movement to create a fairer economic system that does not favor the wealthy. (Liebling …show more content…

He knows that having a strong middle class is what makes a strong economy. He was able to lower taxes for the middle class, allowing working families to save $3,600. This allows for those lower class families to build up to the middle class without seeing it all being taken away by taxes. Obama believes that instead of reducing taxes from the upper class to increase them. Mitt Romney plans to reduce taxes of the upper class would lead to large tax cut for those making over $3 million by an average of $250,000. That drop of cash flow would very negatively affect the economy. It would lead to the loss of many jobs overseas. The Obama tax plan demonstrates a functional plan I see for America. (Republican Views

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