Tin Packaging Advantages And Disadvantages

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Is there a perfect packaging material or every form has its advantages and disadvantages? This paper searches into aluminum and tinplate as one of the most worldwide known forms of packaging. The ideal packaging is expected to be lightweight, non-toxic or harmful to the health, uneasily breakable and above all environmental friendly or recyclable. Now the question is, do we really have such a metal to achieve these characteristics? Well, as a matter of fact, yes we have but not without disadvantages. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on the most widespread form of packaging used all over the world which is aluminum package and to find out about its advantages and disadvantages. The aluminum and tinplate packaging protects its contents from water, bacteria and, moreover, has the ability to preserve original taste and odor of the product. Yet; it has also disadvantages. To start with, tinplate mainly means tin cans that are made from sheet steel and covered with a layer of anticorrosive tin. All packaging bearing the sheet steel recycling logo can be recycled: tin cans, jar lids, for example, jam, honey, gherkin and pickled onion lids, tobacco, cigar or cigarette tins as well as crayon tins. Steel that is collected, sorted and reprocessed then provides the means to produce new consumer goods such as frying pans and sheet metal for cars. The amount of energy needed to recycle and reprocess steel is 60% less than is used to produce new steel. Atmospheric pollution is also minimized by 30%. (www.lesrecycleurs.ch) The trades of tin plate working continue to this day to make an important contribution to our everyday lives, to industry and to the economy. The trade of tinplate making covers both the manufacture of tinplate from... ... middle of paper ... ...ide spread of aluminum packaging that most people might think that it does not have disadvantages as we see it in our everyday life. However, it transpired that as the aluminum packaging has advantages; it also has disadvantages. Among the advantages we covered in this paper is the lightweight and perseverance of original taste and odor, as well as being environmental friendly as it can be recycled endlessly. On the other hand, this paper has uncovered some of the disadvantages of aluminum and tinplate packaging such as the vagueness to know what is inside, the rust or corrosion and finally the issue with acidic foods such as rhubarb and tomatoes as these foods are especially acidic and can be affected by the aluminum packaging. It is to be finally concluded in this paper that, to be fair, the advantages of the aluminum packaging overcomes its disadvantages.

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