Timeline of Napoleon Bonaparte

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August 5, 1769: Napoleon Bonaparte is born. His original name was Napoleone Buonaparte in Corsican, but in French it became Napoleon Bonaparte.

January 1, 1779: At the age of nine Napoleon’s father sends him to the college d'Autun with his brother Joseph.

May 15, 1779: Later that year, his father sent him to a French military academy at Brienne-le-Chateau, near Troyes. At the academy, Napoleon excelled in mathematics.

October 1784: Napoleon leaves Brienne and joins the Royal Military School in Paris. While there, he was constantly teased by the French students because he never joined in games, instead keeping to himself.

October 28, 1785: Napoleon had studied to be an artilleryman and an officer. Graduating in 1785, Napoleon received a commission as a second lieutenant in the artillery. Once Napoleon reached the age of 16, he joined the French army.

September 15, 1786: Napoleon returns to Corsica after receiving a leave of absence from the military, to return home and visit family.

September 12, 1787: Napoleon returns from Corsica, knowing he overstayed his leave of absence for five and a half months because of the French revolution. He realizes he had to leave.

September 1789: Napoleon has his third visit to Corsica. The French revolution swept through the country.

February 12, 1791: Finally returns to Auxonne.

September 1791: Napoleon becomes First Lieutenant for his excellence in leadership and artillery.

June 1792: Napoleon joined a radical political society called the Jacobins, who wanted to make France a democratic republic. This membership brought Napoleon into a conflict with the governor of Corsica, Pasquale Paoli. Paoli was a royalist, a supporter of the French monarchy, and in 1792, France went to war with Austria.

January, 1793: The French King, Louis XVI was executed and Napoleon returned to the French Army.

June 11, 1793: A quarrel with Paoli, the mayor of Corsica, starts and the Napoleon’s family was forced to leave the island.

June 13, 1793: Napoleon’s family successfully arrives in Toulon.

June 20, 1793: Robespierre and other Jacobins took over the government in June 1793 and began the Reign of Terror. French cities revolted against his government.

December 1793: Napoleon successfully defeats the British ships at Toulon. At the age of 24, he became army general in charge of the Army of Italy.

July 29, 1794: Robespierre is executed on the July of 1794 during the Thermidorian Reaction. In August, Napoleon is imprisoned for about a week. Napoleon is soon released because of his personal connections.

June 13, 1795: After only two years of being Army General of Italy.
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