Time to End the Injustice Retaliation

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There is no legal murder, except for execution. Killing a person is a horrible crime, but execution is a legal revenge by justice criminal system. Traditional thinking, a murderer, who committed heinous, unforgivable crime, should be punished by taking his life away. Recently, the legal action, capital punishment, became a controversy topic and it’s absolutely a profound theme worthy of thinking.
Capital punishment (so called death penalty), according to Longman Dictionary, is the legal punishment which involves killing someone who has committed a crime (ldoceonline.com). Authorities are able to kill a criminal who violated against the law, mostly murder. A controversy question comes up from people’s minds: should we allow death penalty? Lots of people know that the only difference between a murder and an execution is law. Murder is a crime in the whole United States, but an execution is just a lawful way to punish murderers. Execution became revenge. This is the same as what people say, “Eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth” (ldoceonline.com).
According to Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), a national non-profit organization which concerns about capital punishment, just four states, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and New York has abolished death penalty (DPIC). It means only criminals who got arrested and charged in four states can escape from fatal punishment. DPIC also states in an economical perspective, capital punishment is wasting people’s money; in other words, a life sentence for a criminal is even cheaper than a case of death penalty. As we all know, prisoners are supported by taxpayers, and so are death penalties. Guards, jails and their facilities of prisons are funded from taxes. Facts show us that per ...

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...”(264), which is a fact that can be explained by racial discrimination; cost of murder for African Americans different from other potential murders, which shows that African Americans do not reserve equal legal status; people, who don’t enjoy equal status in justice system for given crimes, will be treated differently, unjustly in the harm they surfer for the harm were they to commit a crimes and surfer for the corresponding punishment. They face greater cost for murder, but those (white people) who murder them (African American), are given a discount on murder. In consequence, a moral problem, lives of African Americans are not worthy as other Americans, implies inequalities of liberty, and inequalities of opportunities and expectations. Racism from criminal justice system of the United States, more or less, impacts the collectivity of African Americans (Cholbi).

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