Time for School

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I wake up in the morning after the alarm draws me away from my blissful ignorance of time. I grab stop the annoying noise coming from my morning alarm on my phone that has counted the time while I slept. Looking at the time, school started a half an hour ago. The bell has just rang, all other students are rushing to their desks, teachers begin to speak. I lay in bed for a couple minutes, my mind is groggy, and my body resists the urge to start the day. My mind finally clears and wins the struggle and takes command again. The morning routine begins, I start as usual with a bowl of cereal and some cartoons. By the time I'm finished, school started a complete hour before. I pull out my laptop, sit at the dining room table, and my schoolwork begins. School during this time was something very different for me than what it was to most others. My assignments were given over the internet on a private website for cyber-schooling students. I had an allotted amount of work including: readings, essays, comprehension tests, discussion posts with other students, quizzes, and exams. These assignments had daily suggestions as a guide for when to complete each one, but ultimately I was allowed to work at my own pace. An aspect of homeschooling I enjoyed. Time was a resource, available to my disposal to complete tasks directed by deadlines. More often than not I would have my work for the day completed by one in the afternoon. I didn't have to wait for other students to understand the reading, I was the only one who had to understand, I didn't have homework, all work I did was at home and daily. Sometimes, I would come to an assignment such as an essay or mid-term or final exam; I would have to work for longer than three in the afternoon, working... ... middle of paper ... ... be responsible.” Homeschooling is certainly not the only viable form of education in preparation for college and life. Michael Potts values highly both of his experiences in being educated in a christian environment at home and the federal schooling system, he says, “Homeschooling helped me because I was with good people [who] lifted me up and public school came right when I was secure in my righteous ways but I could see what the world was like.” I believe, my education has taken a large part in defining my character, the valuable time I spent with my family, the ability to manage this time according to plans, and a deep appreciation for free time that encourages me to use it wisely. I have come to value my time I spent learning at home, and value time itself, life is short, time is precious, and how we spend that time defines who we are and where we're going.
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