Time Waltz

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Time Waltz Oriana walked down the hallway, her mind back in a time about a millennium ago. Her people had learned much about the past from historic documents and paleontologists’ findings, and now, through technology, she was going to witness it live. Her people had built a time slider. Now she could go back in time and learn the truth about the North American Indians. She mentally went through her list...”Let’s see...I’ve taken my hair and skin pigmentation pills, and had my eyes colored...I have my clothes waiting, my pouch with my time remote, my taser, and my communicator. All I need now is the languagechip.” Oriana walked into the equipment room, and Erel jumped. “I am not used to seeing you in Native American pigmentation!” He debriefed her once more about her mission, as he set her down and slipped the languagechip in the facilitator and then used it to put the chip in her brain. Then she changed into an authentic buffalo hide dress and boots. She fastened a bone knife to her boot, and added some rope to her pouch. “There. Now you are all set.” “Thanks, chief.” They walked to the time slider’s warping chamber, silent, both a little nervous. Erel reminded her to be careful, and what not to do, and what to do. They shut the door behind them and then Oriana walked into the portal. Everyone else, already stationed, began to get ready. “Ready, Riana?” “Yes, Erel. Fire it up.” The time keeper began the count down. “10...9....8” Oriana swallowed. Erel wiped the sweat from his brow. “5..4...3” The lights around the portal began to glow. The base began to vibrate. “2....1! GO!” The lights flickered, the room shook, and the air seemed to erupt with the sound of roaring engines. Oriana screamed, Erel yelled, the other operators struggled to stay calm. Suddenly the lights got bright, then totally dark. The room seemed to rumble and shake. Then it was over. Oriana was gone. Erel switched the communicator on and called to her frantically. “Oriana! Come in! Did you make it all right?” “Erel? Yes...I’m fine. I am not sure where I am, though. I am going to explore a little. I will be back in a little.” She switched off her communicator excitedly and started to look around.
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