Time Travel in the Novel, Time Machine by Author Unknown

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The story opens with a group of men talking to a man who claims to be able to time travel. He proves with a miniature time machine, but several of the men are skeptical. The time traveler has another meeting and comes to it exhausted. He claims he has traveled to the future and tells his story. He says when he arrived he saw white creatures speaking a weird language. When he tries to return to his time, he finds his machine has disappeared. He is forced to stay get to know the creatures, which he finds out are called Eloi. He also finds out that there is another species that lives underground called Morlocks. He journeys into the world of Morlocks, but they try to kill him. He believes they are the ones who stole his machine. While exploring, Morlocks attack him. He saves himself by starting a forest fire. When he gets back to the home of the Eloi, he finds his time machine. However, he realizes that the Morlocks are using it to trap him. The time traveler jumps on it and goes forward in time before the Morlocks can get him. He keeps going forward in time looking for some time that safe, but he cannot. Eventually, he goes back to his right time and walks into the meeting. He then decides to go into the future again, but a few years later, he has still not returned. The novel The Time Machine is told by an unknown narrator. The narrator attends the meetings of the time traveler, but he, along with the others, are unsure of whether to believe the time traveler. At the end of the story, the narrator is left wondering what happened to the time traveler and if time travel truly exists. An important character in the novel is the time traveler. He travels thousands of years into the future and meets a whole new race of creatures. The time traveler is bold and curious. He tries out his time travel machine on his own and risks his life. He explores the future of the world. Eventually, he makes it back from his first adventure and is able to tell his story. However, he goes back into the future and has not returned after several years.
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