Time Pursuit Fits the Genre of Science Fiction

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Time Pursuit Fits the Genre of Science Fiction In this essay, I will be analysing and evaluating how my film, “Time Pursuit” fits into the genre of science fiction and how it is successful in attracting my target audience, which in turn will hopefully result to my film becoming a box office hit. Firstly, my film fits into the genre of science fiction because it is a special type of science- fiction (i.e. time travel and it also contains elements of an utopia/ distopia subtype) My film also fits into the genre of science fiction because it has all the features of a science fiction movie because fit is set in the future and the technology such as computers and robots play a huge role in the film. Another way in which my film falls into the genre or category of science fiction is that it is set in New York, which has been the prime setting and location for many other science fiction films. Also, my choice of actors in the film also hints to my audience that my film is in the science fiction genre. Most of my actors have had some previous experience in acting in science fiction movies. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger has previously been in films like Terminator and Predator, Will Smith has been in Men in Black, Keanu Reeves has been in the Matrix sequels and Kristanna Loken has starred in Terminator 3. I believe that my choice of actors will greatly increase the popularity of the film, and I also think that because of the fact that these actors are so well known and famous, more people will want to come and watch my film. In the beginning of my film, a distopia is shown. The world is in ruins, and criminals are shown everywhere. It shows the police force failing to keep the scene peaceful. Robots and androids trudge about everywhere; they are an important part of the humans’ everyday lives. The overall narrative or theme of the film is time and how highly it must be regarded and how it is a part of everything and everyone.
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