Time For Tea: The Boston Tea Party

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People have short tempers which can cause a fight. However, most huge brawls consist of a build-up of small events that causes one to explode. The Boston Tea Party is one of the most important build-ups to the fight of the American Revolutionary War. Feuds between the American colonists and the British have been heating up and the Americans have officially gotten fed up. Therefore, to have a voice, they dumped tea into the Boston harbor. The Boston Tea Party is a serious protest that impacts the American Revolution.
This dreadful reaction was caused by vicious events. Since the British had gotten out of the Seven Years War, they were in serious debt. So, in hope of a solution, they decided to tax the colonies in order to save them from financial ruin. For example, harsh taxes like the Stamp Act and the Townsend Acts were directly enforced and caused great frustration in the colonies. Although the colonies had already been taxed, unlike the previous taxes, this tax was actually being put in place which infuriates the colonists (“The Boston Tea Party, 1773” 1). Furthermore, the Boston Massacre angered many colonists as well. Five colonists had died leaving a great contribution towards a revolution. Afterwards, men such as Samuel Adams made informative speeches that boosted up confidence in actually fighting (“How the Boston Tea Party Worked” 1). Finally, what set the colonists off was the strategy of a monopoly. The British figured that they would simply eliminate competition with the colonists’ tea companies and British tea companies. As a matter of fact, the British actually lowered the tea tax, but only for the British East India Company. Although colonists had what they asked for, they were looking at the big picture and they ...

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...hey were being treated by the British. The British felt highly disrespected and were afraid of losing control of everything they had in America. The Boston Tea Party was one of the many protests against Parliament that the Americans put forth in order to fight for their independence. The Boston Tea Party had many reasons behind it and one of the most famous mottos that came out if it was to have, "no taxation without representation." These words originated in the marvelous Boston Tea Party and not only impacted the American Revolutionary War, but they live on in the world today.

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