Time And Time Machine: The Nature Of Time

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The concept of time is one that has many connotations attached to it, some are confusing and the others are too abstract. Time is an entity that cannot manifest itself, it is something that is always around us but it seems that it is forever going to be elusive. It passes without the assistance of anyone or anything and it seems to be unstoppable. There are many stories, such as H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine that hint at the possibility of manipulating time in order to enter into its domain and travel through it to other various points in the Earth’s timeline. These stories tend to be based in science fiction, which could possibly make time travel a reality. Time machines have always been one of the many staples of science fiction literature…show more content…
Many people, including scholars, have different speculations of when “time” actually began. To understand the nature of time machines, it is important to understand the nature of time. The PowerPoint presentation about Time and Time Machines provides more than enough information on the concept of time. One piece of information I found within the PowerPoint was on the third slide. The slide discusses the three forms of time: the past, present and future. I think this is important in explaining the concept of time because it gives the reader the three basic states of time and that the present is always going to be what is occurring now. This is an interesting concept to me because time could be a matter of subjectivity. What I mean is that the present moment was just in the future and it will be in the past soon enough: the present could be the future and the past at the same…show more content…
This slide describes how H.G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine became the most prominent story about time travel. I think this is important because as the most vital time travel story, it created many of the time travel elements we know today. The questions of what will happen if we meet ourselves in the past and the “butterfly effect” could only be answered through the use of a fiction story. However, these questions may become a reality someday and it is best to think about them before the advent of time travel brings about the end of the world as we know

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