Tim O’Brien’s How to tell a True War Story

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Tim O’Brien’s “How to tell a True War Story” According to the author Tim O’Brien, people tend to readily accept the ‘facts’ presented of what happened during a war. People do not consider the existence of fallacies regarding the actual stories of what happens in wars, few consider that the ‘facts’ of an incident often change through people’s words. The film ‘Saving the Private Ryan’ by Steven Spielberg features both facts and seemingness part of the war story. Since it is so difficult to fully describe a war using human language, Spielberg ended up revising his stories to make sense out of it. Spielberg included parts that did not occur or exclude parts that did occur in order to make their stories seem more credible. According to Tim O’Brien’s text “How to tell a True War Story,” he suggests that people must break out of listening to traditional war stories and scrutinize unbelievable and contradictory aspects of war stories, which is a more accurate way to obtain the truth about a war. Spielberg in his movie follows some of his path but also choose not to follow his path on some of the parts. According to Tim O’Brien, the narrator must talk about unbelievable aspects of war that contradicts many traditional features in telling a war story and Spielberg is no exception. When the ships arrive at Normandy beach, German soldiers kill many American soldiers. Spielberg starts out with showing pan shots of the battlefield so the reader can gain the knowledge of...
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