Tim O Brien Passage Analysis

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In the passage from Tim O’Brien explains how the war was back then and the things that the soldiers suffered during the war. Also just the tragedies that happened in there to get to the readers and so the readers fully understand what Tim O’Brien explained. One of the terrible catastrophes that happened during the war was that the soldiers was that they got sick and started to carry diseases in battle. “ They carried diseases, among them malaria and dysentery” what O’Brien said in one part of the passage.What he did was that he explained to the readers exactly how sick the soldiers got in war and could not do anything out in battle and the only thing to do there was to just keep going and suffer with it because they had no doctor or any kind of treatment. “They shared the weight of memory. They took up what others could no longer bear”. What O’Brien explains here is that they had to carry emotion in them and which stressed them out. The reason because of this was because they saw many of the team mates die in battle and even had to carry them while very injured or wounded, therefore they had to do what others couldn't, that would put more weight on the soldiers who were more healthy…show more content…
“By daylight they took sniper fire, at night they were mortared, but it was not battle, it was just the endless march, village to village, without purpose..” When Tim says this it makes the readers that those soldiers were in war and makes it sound bad, but what he was really explaining was not war it was them marching and just walking and how tired they got of doing that. The soldiers went to one village and to another and what this caused was the soldiers to go insane in the brain and get tired physically but mostly emotionally. That's what he meant earlier in the passage and it gets to a lot of people because they were drafted and onces they got to war it would be very
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