Tim Hortons: The Business and Franchise

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When it comes to the term “Tim Hortons,” what comes to the average person’s mind might have a lot to do with which generation you grew up in. If you had grown up in the 1960’s and were a big hockey fan, you would probably match the name Tim Horton as the legendary defenseman who lead the Toronto Maple Leafs to four Stanley Cups. You even may match the name to the exotic De Tomaso Pantera, which was given to Horton as a one year signing bonus by the Buffalo Sabres, which Horton later died in during a high speed crash. If you weren’t born and raised during this era, then the name Tim Horton likely pairs up to the popular Canadian trademark of Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnuts. Although Horton did not have the chance to see his company grow into the multi-billion dollar business it is today, his name still rings through the nation and is a major part of the Canadians day.
Looking into a brief history of how the Tim Hortons franchise became what it is today, Tim Horton opened his first restaurant in 1964 in Hamilton Ontario. Tim Hortons had the focus to sell top quality, always fresh product with great value and service. This first store started off with only coffee and two types of doughnuts, Apple Fritter and Dutchie. In 1967, Tim Horton joined with Ron Joyce becoming full partners of the newly formed company. After Horton’s tragic death in 1974, his wife sold her husband’s share of the company which had now expanded into 30 restaurants, to co-owner Ron Joyce for one million dollars. She quickly regretted the decision and tried to overturn afterward, but was unsuccessful in doing so. As of today Ron Joyce has taken the small coffee and doughnut restaurant and transformed it into a multibillion dollar franchise, made up of 4304 ...

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...wn and will most definitely begin to grow as a company and also a trademark of Canada.

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