Tim Burton's Cinematic Style

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Tim Burton, a director of numerous successful films, takes you through many stories of unique characters. Although, despite their differences, one still could point out similarities throughout each movie. This is caused by Tim Burton’s cinematic style. This specific style is influenced by his favorite childhood author, Dr. Seuss. Tim Burton uses lighting, camera movements, and editing to build a suspenseful but also calming mood all at once. Burton attempts to convey the contrasting message of darkness mixed within innocence throughout each of his films. To begin, Tim Burton’s use of variant lighting creates a contrasting mood of peacefulness within darkness. Burton uses low key lighting, and side lighting throughout Charlie and the…show more content…
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton uses shot reverse shot to build suspense and expectancy for what is going to occur next. When Charlie brings home the ticket, shot reverse shot was used as he shows his family the ticket. This proves the dark but uplifting mood, for this poor family has won the golden ticket based off of luck. In Edward Scissorhands, Burton also uses shot reverse shot to build suspense. Shot reverse shot is used between Kim and Edward, Edward while he creates the ice sculpture. This shows the change between their relationship, and her opinion of Edward. Kim no longer views him as a dark monster, she now views him as an actual person. Shot Reverse shot is used in Big Fish as well. This editing technique shows the relationships between characters in the film. When Will comes to visit his sick father, Edward, shot reverse shot is used between them to represent the father, son relationship. This builds a warm but also dark mood, for you can see the tension between them. Flashbacks were frequently used in all three films. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, flashbacks are used to show Willy Wonka’s dark past. In Edward Scissorhands, flashbacks are used to show his sad past involving the inventor. In Big Fish, flashbacks are used as Edward tells his stories. Flashbacks in each movie are used to show the dark, dangerous pasts of each
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