Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods

“Given the year we just experienced in golf, it would be phenomenal if we see anything in 2001 that will even remotely compare. We witnessed an incredible season by the game’s most dominant player-in this era or any other. We saw how fans and players alike could respect the game in an international competition. And, we have seen the game’s visibility skyrocket” (Strange 20).

“Are you ready for me” (Kindred 232)? -Tiger Woods arriving on the tour with this famous television commercial that presented him not only as a talented golfer but also as an in your face crusader against racial discrimination.

These quotes make it clear of Tiger Woods’ impact on the game of golf and the entertainment world in general. But how did he get that way? Under Gardener’s Model, Woods fits in the bodily kinesthetic intelligence, but all professional athletes possess this trait. To be the greatest in the sport of golf, a player must possess multiple intelligences. Tiger Woods is great because he blends that with great intrapersonal, and interpersonal skills, and his minor intelligences of verbal linguistic, and scholastic achievement.

Childhood/ Origins of the Dominant Intelligence:

Eldrick “Tiger” Woods is obviously a master in the bodily kinesthetic intelligence. The part African American, part Asian golfer was born December 31, 1975 in Orange County California to Earl and Kultida Woods. Earl Woods introduced him to the game almost immediately, and by the age of two he was already a star, appearing on “CBS News” and the “Mike Douglas Show”, putting with the legendary Bob Hope. The next year he shot a 48 for nine holes at the Navy Golf Club in Cypress, California. ...

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