Tick Tock, it’s Time To Come Home Teens

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Curfew arrests of California youth rose four forth between 1989 and 1997 (from 5,400 to 22,400) (Males). Curfew is defined as a regulation requiring a person to be home at a certain prescribed time, as imposed by a parent on a child. A curfew should be set on teenagers, because it helps with parental responsibilities, sets boundaries for teenagers, and gives protection to both teens and parents.
Curfew positively affects teenagers because it keeps them from being introduced to things that could get them in trouble or hurt. One reason curfew is the right choice for teenagers is because it sets boundaries for the teen. “Wanaque’s ordinance prohibits teenagers under 18 from being out after 11 p.m.”(Cowen) “They cannot be out from midnight to 6 a.m.”(McClatchy) Boundaries set limits, encouraging parents to give their teenager a restriction to how long they should stay out. These boundaries help with the second reason, which is protection. “Curfew violations, 28,528, increased 30 percent over the previous year.” (Meyer) One parent expresses, “It’s in the nighttime that violence breaks out.” (Meyer) This parent’s expression shows why parents should be enforcing curfews on their teenagers. Parents want their teen coming home safe. For them to know their child is safe, they give them responsibilities. For the teen to understand the limit, they must keep enforcing it every time their teenagers go out.
“Even if efficacy of curfews were established, and their popularity justified as something more that political scapegoating, the most troubling questions regarding curfew enforcement would remain. If we empower law enforcement to empty the streets of all persons-adults as well as juveniles-between 10:00 p.m. and sunrise, perhaps crime wil...

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... objectives police officers have to keep the streets safe and protected.

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