Ti Rawls: The Two Principles Of Justice

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Essay Question: What two principles of justice does Rawls believe would be chosen in the original position (when deciding the issue of distributive justice within states)? Are these good choices? Critically discuss with reference ti Rawls’ own reasoning for the two principles. Rawls believes that during his time, he came up with two principles of justice, which could of helped solve the problem of distributive justice, but utilising a variant of the social contract. The theory which resulted in this, is now known as the “justice as fairness” from which Rawls derives his two core principles from: the liberty principle and the difference principle, which will furthermore be explained below. Several key concepts will be mentioned throughout: Two of the most important principles are the two which rawls discovered, the two principles of justice: (1) “Each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive basic liberty compatible with a similar liberty for others” the second principle is split into two; (2) “They are to be the greatest benefit to the least advantaged members of society, consistent with the just saving principle (the difference principle) (2a) “Offices and positions must be open to everyone under conditions of fair equality and opportunity” The original position”… is a hypothetical situation in which the future members of a society meet and agree upon the general political principles to govern their society The ‘veil of ignorance’ also features within the original position; the ‘veil of ignorance’ is that “no one knows what their position is going to be within society, in fact, they know no personal information about themselves (including the life plan/values they are going to have)” within the veil of ignoranc... ... middle of paper ... ...f which merit is accounted. It may be concept that this equality than the differences principle, because big social and economic inequalities exist, even when they are to the benefit of the worst off, will assist to seriously impair the values of the political liberties and many shares towards fair equality of opportunity. From what is above, we can see that the principles of maximin and egalitarianism both have their good and their points, in terms of relating it to Rawls theory of justice, but from this we can see that these two principles both best relate to the difference principle, which in theory, has been deemed the theory to go by, despite all the criticism from other philosophers, then from what has been read and written about it, then when applying criticisms to the theory, then this could be well be bought into our society, and therefore applied more.

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