Threesociological Perspectives On The Challenges Of Teaching And Education

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Assignment One

Wadad Bazzi

EDA 340

Dr. John Artis

Teaching has been described as an honored profession because this field holds a great responsibility. Teaching shape the life of so many children because no one can be something in their life without going to elementary and secondary school first. On daily basis teachers face challenges and they should make a complex decisions that rely on many different kind of knowledge and judgment that can be helpful for children’s futures. Educators will hold the future of our world in their hand because teachers can model behaviors that will guide the students to become more productive adults. Now a days teachers are expected not only must know
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Schools are social institutions in which teaching and learning are formalized. Teacher should be certified by the state in which they required to teach to instruct students in the subjects of areas of specialization. The state also establish a curricular guidelines and course requirement for schools.
There are 3sociological perspectives on the purpose of schooling: functionalist, economic class conflict, and the status group conflict.
Societies have their own customs and practices, its own rules and regulations, its own values and mores, and its own institutions. School is and institution of society which children are educated. School programs are compressed by the values of the community for it is the community that determines whose interests the school will serve as well as the functions of the school.
There are many purpose of schooling that comes from our educational history:
Education for intellectual attainment: it is the belief in which the school should concentrate on activities, exercises and courses of study that develop one’s mind or intellectual
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They do not see the difficulties of having the responsibilities of twenty children in one person’s hand for half a day. The smallest thing that goes wrong with children, teachers is blamed for it, like they are the only ones that have an impact on those children. I think society can help change these negative views of teachers. For one, we can appreciate teachers more by increasing their salary because it is one major aspect that puts down teachers. Also, schools should have more parent meetings where the role of teachers and their hard work are emphasized. I use this knowledge to expand my understanding of what excellence is all about in the teaching and learning field by be highly qualified and conversant in the subject matter. I should have the ability to teach different student in many learning plans. In addition to be an affective teacher, my learning would lead to more positive student achievement.

In classroom, I should work hard to meet my student’s need. I should create a safe and supporting environment to help my student understand the subjects.
There are many purposes of education, the main purpose it to teach all students and give everyone the same opportunity to succeed in their life. Students can achieve higher through skills and knowledge. In addition, common values such as following rules, punctuality, working with others and responsibility
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