Three Types Of Human Rights

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What is human rights? According to the New World Encyclopedia Human rights are those rights that each person is entitled to simply because he or she is a human being. Human rights are guaranteed by law no matter one’s nationality and should not be violated by any state or none-state officials. The idea of human rights depends on the possibility that every individual has worth and nobility and in this way merits certain fundamental freedoms.[1] With the acknowledgement of these basic freedoms, each person can make their own decisions and form their own opinions without their rights of safety or security being violated or threatened by government or nongovernment bureaucrats. Therefore, it is understood globally that humans are entitled to at least three types of rights. First, is civil rights which incorporates individual rights to freedom of speech, religion, and beliefs. Next,…show more content…
The organization helps with the abolishment of slavery in third world countries and is located in the US. Today the organization focuses on modern slavery worldwide- modern slavery can be found in forms such as forced marriages, forced labor, and human trafficking. Individuals involved in modern slavery have no right to freedom and in many cases they are not even considered humans, therefore, they have no rights to freedom of speech or express. However, Free the Slaves has given people who are a part of modern slavery a chance to leave slavery by providing jobs, housing, and access to resources needed to pursue an education. Free the slaves also contributes to human rights by lobbying with government officials to accept laws that would give individuals civil rights, political rights, and social rights. They also contribute by working with countries to create laws and policies to protect people’s human
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