Three Tragic Issues in To Kill a Mockingbird

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Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird was set in a state with some of the most intense and significant struggles of the civil rights movement. During the time in those who were black but those who were afflicted with blacks in court were considered inferior. For example in the book Atticus a white lawyer was mocked for defending a black man, Tom Robinson. One person who did mock Atticus was Mrs.Dubose talking to scout saying, “Your fathers no better than the (n-word) and trash he works for!” This book showed the whites perspective of racism being, your black if you like blacks. Harper Lees book To Kill a Mockingbird explained why the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the March on Selma, and the interrogation of public schools show racism.

To Kill a Mockingbird showed a lot of unequal rights to blacks. In the year of 1955 a women named Rosa Parks to a stand or more correctly took a seat on the Montgomery, Alabama bus. She had refused to give up her seat to a white man and was arrested for doing so. “She was a well respected woman with a spotless record”, ( ).

She had...

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