Three Things That Symbolize Who I Am?

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A cell phone, college textbook, and a lock of my hair are three things that symbolize who I am and may give an idea of who I am to those who do not know me. These three items show what roles I have and what groups I partake in. The roles of a teenager, student, and redhead are three that are important to me. The cellphone, textbook, and hair accurately represent who I am and what I do. In each generation, there is a special item that all the teenagers have. My generation in specific has a special item as well, this being a cell phone. A cell phone is something that almost everyone has and uses. Teenagers, adults, elderly folks, and even children use cell phones. I chose a cell phone to represent that I am a teenager because it is the one thing you can almost…show more content…
Most people commonly refer to redheads in specific as gingers. I categorize myself as a ginger, and this is something that I am proud of. In order to symbolize this, what better to use than a lock of my own hair. I chose to show people that this is a group I am in for several reasons. Having red hair is fairly rare. In order to have red hair, both parents must carry the gene for it because it is considered a recessive gene. So having red hair typically is not common, especially since my mother has brown hair, which is a dominant gene. My hair is unique to me, and because of this it really shapes who I am. People know me by my hair, and even associate nicknames to this. I am known as “Ginger”. “Red”, “Carrot Top”, etc. These names clearly depict a picture for someone who does not know what I actually look like, which in this case could be considered important for those looking into a time capsule. My hair also symbolizes who I am as a person, attitude wise. I constantly have snide comments and a snarky, sassy attitude that is generally associated with those who have red hair. I am proud of these things, which is why I would want people of the future to know of

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