Three Skeleton Key Ending

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For the next week or so, we lived in terror, hoping that the entire experience was a strange dream, but that was not to be. The rats scratched and bit at the glass, though it gave no leeway. The rats and us were at a stalemate - if we went outside, the rats would devour us greedily, and if they managed to break in, the rats would still gobble us down. In any case, both choices were in the rats’ favor, so we stayed inside the lighthouse, for fear of our lives.

It was dull for a while, since all we ever did was eat, sleep, and occasionally play a game, all while the rats snarled at us, keeping us on our toes. We were running out of ideas to escape from our prison, and while the rats were still safely outside, the threat of them breaking into the light hung over us like the skin on a person.

Though, we were running out of food.

The dilemma came to us when we went up to the galley. There was barely any food in there. The supply ship hadn’t come for a while, and we were running out of water. I found this ironic, since we were surrounded by the blue ocean, which was filled with more water than all the people on the Earth could drink. We salvaged whatever food and drink we could, but it was just enough to last us for three days. I told Itchoua and Gleo that we should at least try to kill the rats, as a possible food source, but Itchoua just shook his head sadly and said, “There is no hope. We will just be overwhelmed by them, and die. Besides, the rats are nearly impossible to kill, no matter whether you are armed to the teeth or have nothing but a single arrow.”

This crushed my hopes of surviving completely, and as our food supply grew shorter and shorter, we resorted to telling stories and playing games. On the third day after we ...

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...towards the bushes, and I prayed that neither of us would trip and fall to be killed by the rats, like our unfortunate friend Gleo. We tore through the bushes, and made a beeline to the boat, hastily climbing in and rowing as fast as possible. The rats easily jumped in the water, swimming swiftly, expertly dodging the objects Itchoua was tossing at them. When we reached shore, we ran through the heavy wood as far as we could, not even looking to see if the rats were still following us, twisting and turning until we were certain we had lost them. We later found civilization, where the people welcomed us and gave us food, drink, and clothing. We lived the rest of our lives on land, never even visiting the beach.

But now, rumors were being spread about a fourth skeleton on Three Skeleton Key. And I am certain Itchoua and I are the only ones who know exactly who it is.
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