Three Mistakes Good Managers Make And How to Avoid Them

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The webinar I chose to view was entitled “3 Mistakes Managers Make – And How to Avoid Them.” The presenter was, Madeleine Homan Blanchard, who has been a Master Certified Coach, author and speaker since 1989. She is the cofounder of Blanchard Coaching Services, along with her husband, Ken Blanchard. The goal in this webinar was to allow leaders and managers to take a reflective look in order to find and acknowledge areas in their careers where they can learn and grow in order to become better as a leader within an organization. In the presentation, Blanchard identified three mistakes that managers tend to make while leading their employees: not setting proper boundaries, adding value, and ignoring your own personal growth. (Blanchard , 2009) It is important for managers to set proper boundaries with those that they lead. If not, then the question will be “Who is really in charge?” The result will almost always leave the leader feeling absent in their department. Blanchard categorized this mistake into a few types of managers: Some leaders tend to be bossy, but never stating what he/she expects from their employees. Also, some managers are worried about straining the relationship with the employee by giving negative feedback, so they decide not give any feedback and the as a result, the employee is never held accountable for their mistakes. Third, is the manager is one who is very easy going, putting the employees’ needs, but forgetting about the team and overall organizational needs. Fourth, a certain manager has a deep desire to be fair with everyone, managing everyone the same way, without seeing that everyone needs a certain amount of independence while some need more dependence. Lastly, there are managers who are... ... middle of paper ..., which is something that could’ve easily been accomplished in the 80’s, but I allowed myself to get distracted. I like how Blanchard admonished leaders to make sacred time for YOU, even if it takes turning off all technology, closing the door to the outside world for a time of reflection and devotion to self. While those of us in leadership make mistakes, the solutions in this webinar were very clear. It was worth the time and would be worth the money to attend a live session. I will mention it to my leaders at work and at my church of the importance of making sure that we learning from our mistakes, then turn around and strengthen someone else. Reference Blanchard , M. H. (2009). 3 Mistakes Good Managers Make—And How to Avoid Them. Retrieved March 30, 2014, from Webex:

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