Three Events In Malcolm X

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Three events in Malcolm X’s life were very significant in Malcolm’s development and influenced his ideas. His interaction with Mr. Ostrowski opened his eyes to a new, more aware, point of view that marked his transition from childhood. His time in prison turned him against white people and led him to completely accept the ideas of Elijah Muhammad and transition away from hustling and crime. Malcolm’s pilgrimage to Mecca transitioned him from the hate-driven society of the Nation of Islam and towards a more accepting society of traditional Islam. All these events progress or completely change Malcolm’s ideas about systemic oppression, racial identity, and separation verses integration and push him to a new period of life and the next event.…show more content…
Ostrowski, his eighth grade teacher. Despite being the top of his class his teacher discouraged him from becoming a lawyer, saying “A lawyer - that’s no realistic goal for a nigger. You need to think about something you can be.” This statement changes Malcolm’s perception of the people around him. Malcolm begins to notice how all the white people he is surrounded by treat him. “It was then that I began to change—inside. I drew away from white people.” Malcolm no longer accepts it when people call him “nigger.” He also has a general feeling of unease around white people and people are constantly asking him “What’s wrong?” until he goes to Boston. This shows how he becomes aware of the inequalities faced by black people in America, even among the “nice white people” who like him and try to treat him well. From this point forward Malcolm has a general distrust of white people unless they prove that he should believe
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