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The Three Elements of Short Stories To grab a reader’s attention and to have them yearn to read a work of literature, many literary elements have to be used to make up the story. A short story is short work of literature aim to be less elaborate than more literary work. It is often judge by its ability to capture the reader’s attention in its short matter. To achieve this urgency for readers to want to be more engaged in the work, it requires elements that cause the reader to depict the story and walk away with a lesson. The story chosen, are true examples of the elements that captures the audience with its brief, focal fiction style of writing. The differences and similarities of the literary elements of theme, characterization and plot are revealed to the reader through three unique short stories that include “Everyday Use,” “Two Kinds,” and “A Worn Path”; however, “A Worn Path” encompasses all three elements on an expert level to create a much remembered story. All three short stories demonstrate the process for sequence of events for plot. In “Everyday Use” the sequences for the plot included Ms. Johnson and Maggie’s anticipating the return of her daughter Dee. They are both restless and concern with the appearance of the yard and themselves while waiting for Dee’s return. Once she arrives other sequences unfold, from pictures being taken, the dinner, and the request for the quilt. In “AWorn Path” the entire story was about Phoenix sequence of events while she travel to town. Phoenix lets the reader know what was occurring every step of the way and what was going to happen. Lastly, in “Two Kinds” the plot was also based on the events. The difference with this story is that this plot was demonstrated through a lifetime, rat... ... middle of paper ... ...t all readers can forever remember the story because of its level of representation of the three elements. In conclusion, the three short stories, “Everyday Use,” “Two Kinds,” and “A Worn Path” have similarities and differences that utilizes the literary elements of plot, theme, and characterization, however “A Worn Path” delivers an approach that makes its story more memorable from a more proficient level. Each story has its own way of utilizing the literary elements, which is needed to help readers appreciate, interpret and analyze a literary work. Writers cannot create a desired work without including literary elements. Once the reader notices the elements, it can allow the readers compare works from one writer to the next to determine its worth. It also allows readers to be motivated to use their imagination and visualize the characters and scene more vividly.

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