Three Effects Of Existentialism

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How Existentialism Effects and Affects the 3 Major Philosophies Existentialism is a philosophical theory that emphasises the existence of an individual person as a responsible being that determines their own development through acts of free will and that every person has the ability to make every one of their choices using free will and wisdom from life experiences. Also that human being are independent, conscious and cognitive, separate from labels, other people's beliefs, roles, stereotypes, and definition.Existentialist philosophical thinking begins with the human, not the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, and living human. While the predominant value of existentialism is commonly known as freedom, the first virtue is authenticity.…show more content…
Is what you believe true, which begs the question what is “The Truth” and what you can accept as true for yourself as human being? Epistemology also entails education, and for most epistemologists, due to the time period when the philosophy was conceived, that education came from religious theories. And religious knowledge is frequently from some sort of scripture written from thousands of years ago, most scripture being written in metaphors,which can be taken differently by each person or group and that has led to an abundance of conflict through history. These conflicts between a person(s),groups or religions, or people/groups within a religion creates new branches of a religion, religions, or faiths. For example Catholicism, which was created based on judaism, and has a great deal of corresponding moral theories and shared scripture but evolved into a new religion. Then Catholic sub-religions evolved such as Eastern Orthodox, Anglicanism, and Lutheranism all having the considerably same message with slight changes to the…show more content…
S øren Kierkegaard is considered to be the first existentialist philosopher, though he did not identify as Existentialist, he proposed that “every individual- not society or religion-is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and to live life passionately and authentically.” This quote opens up to a niche of philosophy, where the existentialist philosophy (that each human being has true free will to make just actions based on one's own ethics, morals, knowledge, and beliefs) and can be applied to the epistemological philosophy to decide what your nature of birth,truth, knowledge, and justification comes

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