Three Components Of Interpersonal Communication

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The three components of interpersonal communication that I believe will be the most useful in my future endeavors are; non-verbal communication, effective listening and emotions.

One component of human communication that interested me was body language and non-verbal communication. Body language is important as it account for nearly 55 percent of communication. Words make up 7 percent of communication and tone of voice makes up about percent. Body language becomes even more important when we consider cultural context. Understanding body language enhances the way we communicate; from how we are perceived to how we perceive others. Understanding the cultural differences and similarities of body language helps us to communicate more effectively. "The degree of similarity in interpretations of emotion displays does differ from culture to culture. It also differs from emotion to emotion, with facial displays of some emotions, such as
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An emotion is the bodies reaction to any event that enhances or rustics your goals. The three classes of emotions that are the most relevant to interpersonal communication are affectionate and joyful emotions, hostile emotions and anxious/sad emotions. Being able to accurately identify my own emotions is important to emotional communication. Understanding and interpreting the emotions of others is just as important, if not more. Taking responsibility for ones emotions and alnowledgeing them with "I stamens" is critical to successful communication. In confrontational situations like disagreements or arguments it is better to use "I statements" instead of "you statements". This way ones emotions are stated and expressed without accusing or attacking the other person. Using "I statements" is effective because it reflects ones own feelings and takes responbilitu for them. All of these skills will be useful in my future endeavors; from my personal life to my professional
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