Three Cheers For The Nanny State Summary

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1344 words

This Is Important. Life, LIberty, and the pursuit of happiness, The 1st amendment right, two things put into place, to allow us to be who we are, and who we want to be, It is important for people to make their own decisions, because forming opinions and being an individual, is what matters in life. If making decisions wasn’t important, we wouldn’t have amendments and spelled out rights, that made it so we had the right to be an individual, Also in the aspect of success, I think being successful never measures who anyone is, because no matter what you tried, and made what you believe in known. Success, noun; the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the the attainment of popularity or profit. Success is something other people measure for …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that it is important for people to make their own decisions, because forming opinions and being an individual, is what matters in life.
  • Explains that success is something other people measure for themselves, but why can't this "accomplishment of an aim" be measured by oneself?
  • Analyzes how the argumentative essay "ban the ban" by karin klein argues that the new york soda ban that limits consumers to smaller amounts of soda is wrong.
  • Analyzes how the 1st amendment would give people the right to express themselves, but taking that right from kids in the schools is counter productive.
  • Analyzes how sarah conley's "three cheers for the nanny state" argues that our minds trip things up.
  • Analyzes how aleeza kazmi was labeled, stereotyping, based on color in her first grade class. she was confused because she didn't understand how colors belong to people.
  • Explains that having passion, believing in your decisions, is an important skill. being controversial and different from the norm breaks us away from that safety net of success and helps us hold our own.

we have a vision of ourselves as free rational human beings who are totally capable of making all the decisions we need to have a good life but it's false this is known as cognitive bias or how our minds trip us up. Also optimism bias which is when we tend to think that bad things that happen most definitely won't happen to us,” like ingesting too much soda, and simply, that we shouldn’t make our own decisions but how I see it is, Being successful is self-fulfilling, it makes a person feel as if people care about what they care about, which makes them feel valued, and who doesn’t like feeling valued. But sometimes being successful isn’t logical. And you have to be the only one that believes in something, but if it is important to you, and you feel like it's something that needs to be heard nothing should stop you from forming an opinion because, if you don’t you’ll be stuck having people telling you what’s …show more content…

Color she wasn’t aware separated her from her perfectly peach toned friends, in her first grade class, the class was drawing self portraits, and when her teacher faintly told her she was the same as her friends, and that she wasn’t peach, that she was confused as the teacher muttered “aleeza that's not your color” and she was confused by this because she didn’t understand how colors can belong to people. And she hands her a brown nub of brown crayon that unwrapped and gross. And the teacher's hands it to her and says “aleeza this is your color” and Aleeza is still confused because she doesn’t understand because how can colors belong to people. Years went by and she “put the topic on the self” Later when she was in the 6th grade, the class was going around asking each other questions and This boy comes up to me and asks “what race are you” and I think back and she tells him she is brown. And he says what do you mean you're brown, brown isn’t a race. And the 6 year old Aleeza is screaming and now she's screaming and she's saying “Who are you to tell me what I am. If I say i'm brown then I'm brown and deal with it. Aleeza was belittled by a teacher, who was older, and she didn’t get a chance to tell her what that meant to her, she listened to her, and was affected by what the teacher had done, so much that when she was put in the same situation when she

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