Three Architecture Styles

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Three Architecture Styles

In this essay information will be given in order to compare and contrast data about three different styles of architecture. The three styles are Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Neo Gothic. In order to fully give a clear explanation of these styles, information about architecture will be given first then the three styles will follow with comparing and contrasting points in between.

First, to inform about architecture, one must explain what it is. Architecture, referring to building is defined as “The practice of building design and its resulting products; customary usage refers only to those designs and structures that are culturally significant” (Ferrier 20). Someone might say that architecture must appease its intended uses, but must be technically sound, and must convey tasteful meaning.

Although some of the greatest buildings outlast their original uses, these buildings now stand not only as beautiful works of art, but as history of our culture. Achievements in architecture show, the true accomplishments of the society in which they were constructed.

It is amazing how architecture has blossomed. As technology has grown and people have gained knowledge in the wide array of architecture many different forms have developed.

Although we will be looking into only a few, it will be easy to see why people find architecture so interesting. For instance the Art Nouveau style, which became very popular across Europe and in the United States, is an elegant decorative art style, and is characterized by its intricately detailed patters of curving lines. An excellent example of this type of art is the John Hudson Thomas W.L. Locke House 1911, in Oakland, CA (Partridge). Art Nouveau is an international style of decoration and architecture. This style spread rapidly. It grew as a reaction to the other excessive academic art revivals that were taking place at the time. At the time artists set out to create a new kind of art. They wanted to have something that would be a total and complete decorative style that combined all arts (including, painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative arts, and architecture) into an expressive package.

The importance of Art Nouveau can not be denied Earl A Powell III, director of the national Gallery of art in Washington DC explains, “The Art Nouveau style was self-consciously international.” He goes on...

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...though there was tension implicit throughout the movement between the decorative and the modern. Art Deco added order. Stepped forms, rounded corners, triple stripped decorative elements and black decoration shows just how Art Deco added to history with order (Jacobs). Neo-Gothic architecture added beautiful design to many churches and other buildings. Architecture is something that is often over looked. Its beauty is exquisite. The work that goes into each and every piece of artwork is intense. It shows how much people love what they do and how creative they really are. Architecture is something that people have to have an interest in to really love.

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