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811 words

In the course reader from page 110 to 111, Thrasymachus is arguing that complete injustice is more profitable than complete justice since the unjust person will always get more.Thrasymachus also argues that the unjust people are clever and good and that those who just are foolish and naïve. Thrasymachus consider the unjust people clever because they always try to outdo either the just or unjust. And they usually gain more bargain in deal-making. He says that the just will only try to outdo the unjust and will not take advantage of the just. Socrates then argues that if what Thrasymachus is saying is true, then unjust people are also wise and good like the wise and good people, while the just person is not wise and good (Angier, Bloom, 2015). …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how thrasymachus argues that complete injustice is more profitable than complete justice since the unjust person will always get more.
  • Opines that if unjust people are wise and good, they must be like other people.
  • Analyzes how socrates' argument does not take into account thrasymachus's significant idea that smarter people should always get more than foolish ones.
  • Analyzes socrates' argument that justice is like tuning the lyre, and that wiser people are better off than clever people, even if they are less wealthy and powerful.
  • Analyzes how socrates' argument does not prove that the unjust are not good and wise.
  • Explains that if we examine the validity of this argument, it is easy to notice that it's not formally valid because we can formulate a similar argument with true premises and false conclusions.

So if the just people are often taken advantage by the unjust or they give in to them, they cannot be considered smart or clever. According to Thrasymachus, the unjust are wise simply because they are smart or clever. This explains why they always get more bargains when making deals with the just person. They are good at getting what they want. In contrast, Socrates’s wisdom has to do with the craft, meaning that a person has wisdom in a particular is not difficult to imagine a person who is an expert in one subject but clueless when it comes to making deals, in such a way that he end up losing more when making deals with clever people in deal dealing and unjust. Socrates makes his point that money is not more valuable than the happiness that comes from living well. This means that, even though, the unjust can get more money and power in the expense of true happiness. The wise will consider true happiness more valuable than money and won’t give in to the temptations of money and power. Although I must admit that Socrates does not explicitly make these points his argument is insufficient with them. Despite all the limitations, Socrates successful shows that Thrasymachus’s argument is

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