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George Orwell introduces a world where radical policies are put into place to prevent the people from having a leverage against the state. All history is wiped and knowledge is forbidden in the world of 1984, Oceania. Special groups of people are put together to rewrite history continuously while the language is being reduced a few words. The social hierarchy between the knowledge-bearers and the widens to extreme distinctions. The people tasked with changing the truth, the members of the Party, are constantly monitored by devices in every room that watch and listen to them throughout the day. A special police force is put together to watch over their actions and thoughts. All party members are subject to this harsh surveillance by the state. Even people who are thinking of committing crimes or have beliefs that are against the ideals of the state are immediately eliminated by this special police force. Oceania’s past has been ridden with attempts of revolution by the people and the leader, Big Brother, changes that by removing all the chances of it happening again. While that may not be the case for the United States of America, both Eurasia and the U.S.A have similar policies and programs set in place to regulate its people. The Thought Police is an organization put together by the government to overlook its people and to make sure no one has a leg up to overthrow the government. The United States of America has stirringly similar programs, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, and items like the terrorist watch list. Each have a job description of looking for individuals that threaten the integrity of the government and to eliminate or imprison them. An agency has recently come to the a... ... middle of paper ... ...sidewalk, effectively blocking pedestrian traffic. Seated on the pavement with bandanas over their faces and arms linked to prevent arrest, the demonstrators didn’t budge after the police demanded that they clear the area. Subsequently, Lt. John Pike casually discharges a can of pepper spray directly into the demonstrators’ faces. This was a clear symbol of police brutality; an absurd amount of force was used against people sitting down on the pavement. Although better actions could have been carried out, this is a prime example of corruption of police forces in the Unites States. Orwell’s Thought Police effectively clarifies the hidden problems in today’s world. Organizations and agencies put together by the government are everywhere and inescapable. Both Eurasia and the United States tries its best to hide the corruption and eliminate people who try to reveal it.

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