Thought Experiment By Rene Descartes

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René Descartes was a French philosopher who refused to believe that true knowledge was obtainable through the means of sense perception. Descartes believed that the senses; as we know them, could be manipulated and twisted into providing false understanding of the external world. In the search for the truth amongst what we perceive in life, Descartes is justified in his claims that our senses cannot be trusted. Only by questioning all that is known as human beings, can one find the absolute truth in life. Through the use of two different thought experiments, Descartes uses reasoning to questions what we perceive as reality and truth. René Descartes first thought experiment examined the manipulation of the senses when unconscious and dreaming. When one is in a state of dreaming, the boundaries between both reality and the dream become blurred. A dream can be so realistic that it can trick one into believing that they are conscious. A mind can be lead to believe that a dream could be as real as what one perceives reality to be.…show more content…
According to the dream thought experiment, ones senses could misguide someone into believe that they are awake, when in reality they are dreaming. The evil genius thought experiment puts into question if one is experiencing the true world or instead is being secretly deceived by another. Through exercising and exploring Descartes thought experiments, ones perspective toward life could be drastically altered. The effects of Descartes thought experiments in regards to one’s day-to-day life would be the lack of trust regarding ones senses. The thought experiments demonstrate Descartes claims that certain knowledge cannot be obtained through sense perception but rather through reasoning and the distinctiveness and clarity of the mind. The key to understanding the true external world, even if one is dreaming or being deceived is through the mind and its ability to

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