Thomas' journey

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be so calm in a tragic situation like this. They stayed in this position for a while until the front door sounded with a knock. Brand pulled away with tears in his eyes and stood. He walked to the door and silently groaned when he saw who it was through the broken window. He opened the door and there stood the sheriff in his full uniform and infamous smile. “Sheriff.” Brand greeted bluntly. “Brand Alistair,” he smiled, not affected by the mood of the other, “How are ya doing on this fine, sunny morning?” “Been worse, Sheriff,” with his voice still sharp, “What is it this time? How much?” Sheriff Curt’s smile dimmed as sympathy soaked through his face. He handed him the piece of paper that contained the amount of money that he owed. “I’m sorry, Brand, but it’s bad. The bank is getting impatient, and they are thinking of taking your house away if you don’t pay the money back soon.” “Take our house? This house belongs to us! They have no right. Besides, what do they want with a house like this?” he muttered disdainfully. “They actually do have a right, Brand, if you don’t pay your debts soon. Your house might just be able to pay half off. Look, Brand, I understand this is very hard for you, but my offer still stands.” “No, Curt! I will not do anything despicable as that. You might be able to do that to your own children, but mine actually mean something to me!” “Look, Brand, I am just trying to help—“ “We don’t need your help. We will be able to get through this without your help! Good day, Sheriff.” Brand walked back into his house and slammed the door on Tom’s pleading face. Brand knew that Curt would be staying there for a while, but he shook that off and returned to Thomas, who had a confused look on his face. But before... ... middle of paper ... .... Do you want to know the truth, Thomas?” Thomas nodded, but concealed his excitement from his face. He would finally know the truth! He had waited a long time for this. He was always kept in the shadows. This was his chance to be a part of the conversations his dad usually had with his brothers. “Okay, but just be warned. It isn’t pretty.” Brand took a deep breath. He knew disclosing this information could either mean being closer to Thomas or having him to never talk to him again. But he would take the chance. His son deserved to know the truth. He had been living in the darkness of lies for almost his whole life. He stared into Thomas’ eyes. “I am not your real father, Thomas. Your real father is dead.” He stopped for a moment to observe Thomas’ emotions. Thomas didn’t show them; he rarely did. But, inside Thomas just grew more confused about the situation.
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