Thomas Paine's Common Sense, By Thomas Paine

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Common Sense, a political pamphlet, written by Thomas Paine in 1775, was meant to persuade American colonists who didn't already support the revolution to support it. This book supported the ideas of the revolution and was written to unite colonist together and rise against England. In the book, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, he argues against the British rule such as saying, “It was absurd for an island to rule a continent.” This quote shows how the Americans knew they could needed to stop the English and run the government by themselves if they were going to have a strong nation. The book was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776. The book instantly sold and got distributed all over the town and meeting places. Common Sense was read by Washington to all his troops before battles in the American Revolution. The book had the strongest effect upon people in their opinion on the revolution. Throughout the book Thomas stated that all levels of society were involved in the struggle between England and America. Everyone would be affected whether they liked it or not. Thomas Paine’s book caused the biggest effect on the revolution in the minds of the people. Paine states that America is better off without Britain than with them because Britain has only held on to us to gain benefits from the crops. Thomas also says that America has the potential to build a great navy because of all the natural resources in our land. In the book it stated many reasons why America had potential to become the greatest country in the world. It gave hope to Americans that the revolution would potentially end up being better for them in the long run. Common Sense was the main idea of the revolution and would carry on to be the greatest book of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ked. The last reason the pamphlet had a strong effect on people was because the timing. Common Sense came out with such a blatant name and anonymous author. The name of the book plays with emotions instantly. The book has a lot of aggressive ideas and statements and is implied that it is all common sense. Everything in the book is already known and he is simply stating it again to everyone. Another reason the book had a large effect on the people was the author didn’t even come out with his own name. The book could have been written by a wealthy rich politician or a poor farmer. The mystery of the author could easily drag everyone into the book and focus on the simply ideas of it. Everyone could relate with the huge ideas in the book well keeping a simple vocabulary. The book was a huge hit with everyone and is possibly one of the best books written of all time.
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