Thomas Paine - Forever A Patriot

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Thomas Paine was more than just a political writer. He was also an inventor and an architect. He is still known for what he had wrote over two hundred years ago. Thomas Paine is a patriot and wrote about ideas that supported the secession of the colonies from Great Britain.

Thomas Paine was born on January 29, 1737 in Thetford, England and was the son of a farmer and a corset maker. He attended school until the age of 12, but failed out and had to work with his father. At age 19 he went to sea, traveling to many different countries and meeting many people. Unfortunately this was a short-lived dream and found him self as an excise officer in 1768. At this job he did not excel and was discharged from his post twice in four years. In 1772 he published The Case of the Officers of Excise arguing for a pay raise for the officers.

In 1774 Thomas Paine happened to meet Benjamin Franklin, who helped him emigrate to Philadelphia. While he was in Philadelphia he turned to journalism where he became an important man and his luck started to change. In 1776 he published one of his greatest p...

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