Thomas Jefferson A Successful Life

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Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, at Shadwell plantation in western Virginia, he’s a notable architect granted that he is really famous for being the president, and one of America’s foundering fathers. Thomas received credit for his successful life but some may not know how he became a success. Jefferson’s father contributed to Thomas’s success because his father had enough money to put him through school to get a good education. Jefferson looked to his teachers for help since his father died when Thomas was four-teen. Starting from age six, he goes through the whole schooling process which involves high school and college; then he continues on to write the declaration of independence, become the governor of Virginia, travel to France, and become president granting him the ability to be a successful individual.
Positive Influence such as mentors and family members helps Thomas to become very successful. One of Thomas’ mentors was his father, Peter Jefferson a wealthy businessman who own and manages a plantation until he passed away August 17, 1757. Peter Jefferson puts Thomas through school because Peter was finically stable. His father passing makes Thomas Jefferson look to teachers for fatherly advice and guidance. In law Thomas pursued legal studies under George Wythe teaching a mentor and teacher to Jefferson; Thomas then emerges into one of the best-read lawyers in April 1767. Thomas did not give up on people even after his father passed away and he continues to look for help throughout his resources. Thomas is displaying acceptance because he is able to make the right decision granting him endless opportunities.
His education is important to him because he studies law after he enrolled at the College of W...

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...alm in Paris and the Masion Carree at Nimes Jefferson says that it’s “the best morsel of ancient architecture. Both buildings later influence architecture designs of the Virginia State Capital and the redesigns the Monticello. Almost as soon 1790 he begin planning out revisions for the Monticello home based off of what he observed in France. The designed had new hallways connecting to the older rooms on the eastside of the home. In 1809, the remake of Monticello was completed, that was when Thomas finish from the presidency; but he didn’t stop at the Monticello home continue on to create floor plans for his best known project the University of Virginia. The original university was design for students and professors to live, learn, in teaching community and is originally called “academical village”. Thomas designed buildings and contributes to government policies.
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