Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson, born 1743 in Albemarle, Virginia, was a self-made man. He had many endeavors, such as law, and politics in addition to running a 5,000-acre plantation that he inherited from his father.

Jefferson graduated from William and Mary College, and was an accomplished lawyer. Tall, red haired, and freckled, he was not what most people would consider attractive. He married the widowed Martha Wayles Skelton and took her to live in his unfinished home in the mountains of Monticello.

Jefferson was an awful public speaker, but he was a great diplomat. He sympathized with the situation in France at the time, and he easily filled the shoes of Ben Franklin as minister to France in 1785. He then went on as a member of George Washington's cabinet. He remained in this position until 1793.

Soon following his resignation from his position as minister to France, two parties developed in the United States. These two parties still exist today, the Democratic Republican Party and the Republican Party. As previously mentioned, Jefferson was a strong supporter of the French. As a result of States Rights, he soon became a leader of the Republican Party from which he gained a nomination for the office of President of the United States in 1976. Coming within a disappointing three votes from being elected, he became vice-president for John Adams. This was in spite of the fact that he ran against President Adams in this election. Due to this rivalry, he did not speak to Adams for nearly eleven years.

In 1800, he ran for president again, and tied with the Republican Aaron Burr, and through the vote of the House of Representatives, Jefferson was elected President of the United States. As president, Jefferson did well by...

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...ed a once lost friendship. The two friends shared their ideas throughout their remaining days.

Jefferson ended his long and very fruitful life without much monetary value. He died on his quiet, tranquil farm in Virginia on July fourth in 1826 fifty years after he put his mark on the Declaration of Independence. He died only an hour before his friend John Adams. Jefferson left a legacy like few others. He truly was a man of the people. He left ideas and principles that are still with Americans today, and he will always be remembered for his ventures in agriculture, science and politics.

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