Thomas Hobbes State Of Nature Analysis

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1. Describe Hobbes ' version of the State of Nature.
English philosopher Thomas Hobbes version of the state of nature is the condition of mankind and their natural sense. He argues that we are by nature equal in body and in mind. These equalities along with other human traits cause everyone to naturally and willingly fight; thus also reacting in a manner to band together in order to protect themselves from one another. Hobbes compared this behavior of the “state of nature” to the civil war.
Hobbes is best known for his theory of political and social order in how we as humans can live amongst one another in peace while also avoiding the fears and dangers of civil conflict. He views the life of man as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish
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They both feel that a form of order is necessary to maintain the state of nature. Both also compare in their theory of the state of nature in that human beings have the right to protect him/herself from those that would cause them harm. Hobbes developed the social contract theory that Locke later supported and further interpreted. This social contract was a means to interpret the relationship between the people and the sovereign/state. Both philosophers were supporters of individual equality and freedoms.
The two contrast in that Hobbes theorizes a contract exists between the sovereign and the people, once you agree to the sovereign, he cannot be overthrown and you are at his mercy. He also feels that social order begins with a state of nature. However, Locke feels the government is conditional and can be overthrown if the people are not represented correctly. He argued that without the arrangement of a successful government human being’s would live in the “state of nature.”
Locke and Hobbes also differ because Hobbes feels that the sovereign should be all-powerful and individuals should not rebel against the sovereign. By giving up a few of their freedoms the sovereign can maintain order with the rest of their freedoms. Locke, on the other hand, the government is for the people and if the government fails the people it/they can be overthrown and put in place new officials that will protect citizens
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