Thomas Hobbes: Life In The State Of Nature

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Life in the state of nature is a matter that has been tackled by many philosophers throughout time and has arisen questions such as “What would life be without institutions such as government, police, courts of law?” or “Who should rule?”. Philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes or John Locke come from different times and different backgrounds and so, have different takes on the matter. The main theses of this essay is how life in the state of nature would be in concordance with the seemingly different ideologies of each Hobbes and Locke and come to the conclusion that they’re not that different. The first view that’ll be presented with the question at hand will be that of Thomas Hobbes, followed by John Locke’s. Regarding the state of nature, Hobbes argues that “In such…show more content…
Hobbes, Ch.13). This whole quote is primordial to understand just how bad things would have been in Hobbes’s state of nature, by stripping away even most basic things, such as time, or trivial things such as letter and entertainment. There are many factors which influenced his view on the state of nature such as the English Civil War(1642-1651) or the execution of Charles I. The events mentioned earlier may have influenced Hobbes’s pessimistic view on the state of nature. Hobbes makes three basic assumptions about the inner workings of human nature: basic equality, scarcity of goods and moderate egoism. To understand these assumptions better it is important to understand one of Hobbes’s argument. He argues that human beings seek what he calls “felicity”, a state of constant happiness. Hobbes also argued that in a state of nature the search for “felicity” would lead to a state of war. Why? Because in order to achieve “felicity” one must become powerful, and human beings have “a restless desire of power after power that ceaseth onely in Death” (Hobbes, Leviathan, p.161). For Hobbes, the State of Nature would result in a State of War, that Hobbes defines not as fighting, but constant
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