Thomas Edison technological Innovation

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Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 to middle class parents in Milan, Ohio. When he was seven he spent a total of 12 weeks in a one room schoolhouse due to his constant asking questions of the teachers who eventual got fed up with him. If psychology had existed back then he would have probably been diagnosed with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It was recommended to his mother that he take the “miracle drug” called Ritalin. Fortunately she decided against it she felt that his unusual demeanor and appearances were signs if his level of intelligence. When he was eleven years old his parents made an attempt to feed his need for knowledge by teaching him how to use the local library resources. Despite his parents attempts they were unable to answer his many questions about the world of science specifically those questions regarding Sir Isaac Newton. Eventually his parents had to find money in order to find a tutor for him in order for him to learn the Laws of Physics which were brought to his attention by the books that he read about Newton. At the age of twelve he was for all tense a purposes “an adult” he had convinced his parents to let him go work by selling newspapers, snacks, and candies. Later on he started his own business selling fruits and vegetables. At fourteen whilst the most famous civil war debates were taking place Edison used his “contacts” and produced a paper with information based on that of the associated news releases. This newspaper was called “The Weekly Herald”. He received recognition from an English journal in 1860. After his role model Abraham Lincoln was nominated for office Edison distributed the campaign literature as well as peddled flattering photographs of Lincoln himself. ... ... middle of paper ... ...t the same time husbands and fathers were now forced to work longer hours because there was light by which they could work. That was only a problem until Franklin Roosevelt created this idea of daylight savings time or the two times a year where your whole mental clocks get messed up. If I could ask Thomas Edison anything it would probably be did you manage being deaf and still be able to communicate with everyone around you. Considering deaf people were generally ostracized from their communities back then. Personally I do not admire Edison as much as other people do. Personally I felt after reading the biography that he was a little stuck up and that he felt that he was the best person in the world and that when someone did something better then him like Bell did with the telephone he had to ga and out preform them along with everyone else in the world of science.
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