Thomas Edison Impact

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Throughout human history, we have had many great scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein who are still known to this day as geniuses, and Thomas Alva Edison is no exception to this select group. Thomas Edison is known as one of the greatest inventors in history, even earning a Congressional Medal of Honor for his contributions to mankind. He is the inventor of the light bulb and the father of direct current electricity, two things that have had a huge impact on society. However, despite all of the great things he would later be known for, he did not start off as successful as we would all think. His first patent, the vote recorder was actually a failure that forever changed his way of thinking as well as how he would create future…show more content…
He only attended school for a total of twelve weeks and was then mostly taught by his mother after performing poorly in school. He worked from a young age as a newsboy to earn money and spent a majority of it on technical books to teach himself various skills. Edison was a hard worker, persistent, and had the ability to turn disadvantages to advantages. For example, Edison was partially deaf but he was able to use it to his advantage as a telegraph worker and tune out other telegraphs to focus on his own (“Thomas Edison”).
Edison’s first patent was for the vote recorder and was filed on June 1st, 1869. The invention was designed to record names and votes of legislators in real time and was the first of many patents to come. Edison most likely drew inspiration from the news that the Washington, D.C., City Council would be using an electric vote recorder. The device worked by having special chemically prepared paper that would have a current pass through it to leave an imprint of each legislator’s name under a “Yes” or “No” column (“Vote
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Despite the setback of getting rejected, Edison continued on to become one of the greatest inventors in history. However, despite us holding him up in such high regards, he too had his human faults. The rejection showed that things did not always go his way and that not everything went smoothly for Edison. This is best shown by his venture into the iron ore industry. Edison’s persistence caused him to invest not only two decades of his time but also two million dollars into the magnetic ore separator, which in the end resulted in nothing but a huge failure.
Edison’s vote recorder is his most important inventions for a variety of reasons. After the failure of the vote recorder, Edison changed his focus to inventions that would be commercially successful. Without this change of focus, it is possible that we would not have seen some of Edison’s most famous inventions such as the lightbulb or his use of DC power. The vote recorder also showed Edison’s persistence as he did not let the setback of being rejected by Congress stop him from becoming one of the most famous inventors in
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