Thomas Edison

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The early 1800’s certainly saw the creation of a new form of communication with the volatile invention known as the telegraph. It might have come almost half way through the 1800’s in 1845, but it forever would change the outcome of political and cultural wars between America and foreigners and even the most monumental domestic squabble in history, the Civil war. Just three years after the invention of the telegraph America went to war with Mexico over the ownership of several territories of land now known as California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Unfortunately for Mexico the loss of those three territories meant that they lost 1/3 of their overall supposed control in the developing nation known as America. Almost 25 years after the war for the 3 territories another one assembled when the U.S was split in half regarding the role slavery should play in the formation of their country. That war became known as the Civil war and featured the free North side and the slave incarcerated South. The availability of the telegraph served as the advantage the North needed in strategically bein...

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