Thoeries applied to violent behavior

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In an episode of the Dr. Phil show three young men were profiled for their violent behavior. Their parents and Dr. Phil have attempted to explain and understand the reasoning for their actions throughout the show. This paper will apply theories to each of their cases to explain their behavior using the social learning theory, the psychoanalytic approach and the attachment theory. Andy was featured on the show for his part in school shooting when he was 15 years old. The shooting took place at Santana High School on March 5, 2001. As a result of this tragic incident 2 people were killed and 11 people were injured. Andy is now serving 50 years to life in prison because of his actions. To explain the actions of Andy the Social Learning theory by Albert Bandura can be used. This theory states that a person’s behavior is learned through observing their environment and imitating what they have observed. In Andys case the model that he may have observed was the Columbine High shooting that took place in 1999, which was just two years before Andys shooting. The media covered the Columbine shooting extensively because it was the first time in America’s history that the safety of kids at school had been jeopardized on such a large scale. The media constantly went over the profile of the two students who were behind the shooting, the diaries and home videos were released for the public to view and there was also footage from the schools CCTV on the day of the shooting that was available for public view. To observe the shooters at Columbine all Andy had to do was turn on the television or radio and surely he would find some talk show or news station that discussed that shooting in great detail. Andy was dealing with a lot of pain from bull... ... middle of paper ... ...eme, frightened, frightening, or passive. And the result in the child being aggressive, angry, depressed or non responsive and the child will not have a strategy to have his needs met. Judging from the clip his mother is passive when is concerns being an advocate for her son. It is never acceptable to allow a child’s stepfather to tease them and practice bad habits in front of them. John Doe 2 also says that he is bullied at school and his mother has done nothing about it and that she would rather watch television than listen to his needs. The defense of this theory being applied to this case if that John Doe 2 has needs that are not being met by his mother because of her passiveness and he responds to this by being aggressive because he feels that the aggression will get her attention. Unfortunately, he does not have an effective strategy for attaining his needs.

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