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The Zodiac once said, "I like killing people because it is so much fun." Crime author, Robert Graysmith, stated that the Zodiac ‘committed murders just out of savage rage’ (3). Over 40 years ago, there were numerous, shocking murders committed in California, and to this day, the killer has never been found. The shocking crimes frightened many people, other than just the San Francisco area (Haugen 2). People have formed conspiracies to whom the killer may be, but no one has been able to reveal the mystery man. The main surfacing questions about the Zodiac Killer are who is responsible for the murders, why would someone kill such innocent people, and how has the killer been able to go undetected for so many years. Unlike many serial killers, the Zodiac killer desired to be in the public eye and not in the dark. Tragedies were committed and people were brutally murdered, but these crimes never fell in the hands of federal jurisdiction. Subliminal craft and a prestigious occupation concealed the Zodiac Killer’s identity, or a profile of a monstrous, law enforcer.

To begin, the Zodiac Killer declared to have killed thirty seven people, but only seven were connected to him. Known victims are David Faraday, Betty Lou Jensen, Darlene Ferrin, Mike Mageau, Cecelia Shepard, Bryan Hartnell, and Paul Stine. David was seventeen and Betty Lou was sixteen, both were shot in 1968 and died instantly. Darlene Ferrin, eighteen, and Mike Mageau, sixteen, were also shot in 1966 at an isolated parking lot, but Mageau survived. In 1991, Mageau identified Arthur Lee Allen was the killer. The police officer that showed Mageau the lineup asked why he had never identified Allen as the killer in the twenty years he was a suspect. Mageau replied that h...

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