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Inconsiderate zoo officials use zoo animals for entertainment purposes only. On average, twenty-five animals a year are being abused by zoo officials and in a myriad ways. It’s already too much that that the poor animals are being confined in small cages, they don’t deserve to be disrespected by the people that are there to help them! A majority of zoo keepers don’t respect their animals, an example of that is a zoo keeper from Kane County Farm named Stacy Fiebelkon. While she was facilitating her farm, she didn't provide her animals the sufficient amount of food and proper housing. In the end, about twenty of her animals had to be sent to vets and some even died. Animals have been taught to trust the people that are “supposed” to help and, as told before, they are being disrespected. ⅖ of animals in zoos are being physically abused by zoo keepers. Zookeepers not only treat their animals disrespectfully, but they don’t take the time to actually learn about the animals they are helping. In the Toledo Zoo, zoo officials cared for a bear that didn't hibernate and since they didn't know that they let the bear starve and as a result, die. Zoos are not safe for the animals because of their replica environment, but the the zoo animals are being misconstrued by zoo officials.

When an animal is being confined in small, air tight spaces, their sanity starts to wane. The animals are being tortured physically and mentally. When the animals’ behavior starts to worsen, like when an animal starts out from being taciturn to being rambunctious. This condition is called “zoochosis” and it is now becoming common in zoo animals. Why should these living beings, that are supposed to be free, end up suffering more than humans do. The reason that “zooc...

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...itizens that watch the animals will eventually get bored from seeing the animal just sit around and they will do anything to get the animal moving. ⅔ of animals in zoos, daily, end up dying after they are being abused from the people that are watching them. To amplify this point, at the Dallas Zoo, a gorilla named Jabari tried to escape by jumping over the walls and moats of his enclosure, only to be fatally shot by police. A witness later confessed that teenagers were taunting him by throwing rocks. You would think people came to the zoos to advocate that specific animal’s existence, but they only just bother the poor things. Watchers like to provoke the animals in the zoos to make the animals do something interesting. Doing so may cause injuries to animals. Lax citizens may not even know they are hurting the animals when they are provoking them to do something.
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