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The American Revolution was largely economic and political in nature. The political reasons were that England neglected the colonies, taxation without representation and limitation of individual rights and privacy. Then there was the most important side the economic. There was trade restriction, mercantilism, and taxation. On the economic side of the revolution colonist acknowledged that natural laws should govern their economy. But only the southern colonies were bound to England in connection with tobacco trade.
Outside of the southern colonies they made their way by trading outside the empire. And if they wanted to put this trade to a stop there would be a rebellion. Then mercantilism, which was the idea of directing all trade through
England, was a restriction upon economic prosperity of New England colony.
The major reason for this all is that the colonies gave up to England. England then taxed it colonies with many acts. Such as the Stamp Act passed in 1765 and led by prime Minster George Greenville, which affected every colonist. It imposed a tax on all legal documents like newspapers and marriage licenses.
Other acts like Currency Act, which banned all paper currency, the Sugar Act in efforts to try to reduce smuggling. In 1776 William Pitt took over he was a popular in the colonies. He opposed things like the Stamp Act and thought colonist had the same rights as English citizens. But after suddenly becoming sick Charles Townsend took over and he was not concerned with the rights of the colonist and he just wanted to strengthen the Parliament. And he then convinced Parliament to pass a series of new laws taxing lead, paint, paper, glass, and tea imported by colonists. Then Sam Adams spoke out and said that
Parliament was taxing illegally and the majority of the colonists agreed and a boycott started on British goods. And because of the Currency Act they left paper practically worthless. This is the main reason for the revolution. Then there was the political side, which was not as important leader into the
American Revolution but still a key role that led into the revolution. The taxation without representation was one of the major reasons that led to the revolution. The British were taxing the colonies and they had no way of standing up for themselves. They had no representation in England so they were unable to stop any taxes or polices coming over from them. The plea of taxation without representation is how the colonists stood up to acts like the
Stamp Act. The colonies were being neglected from England. They left them
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