Thirty Year's War: The Thirty Years War In Europe

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The Thirty Years’ War was the last major religious war in Europe. The war started in 1618 and lasted until 1648. This made it rather convenient for Historians and they decided to call the war “The Thirty Years’ War”. The war is often forgotten, and I dare say that the majority of the American population doesn’t even know that the Thirty Years’ War is a thing. I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn about this great and mystical thing historians call the “Thirty Years’ War”. So, What was the Thirty Years’ Wars and what effects did the war have on Europe?
Some necessary background information needed for the Thirty Years’ War is: What is the Holy Roman Empire and who were the Habsburgs? The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) was a feudal monarchy that
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By it’s end, over 8,000,000 europeans had been killed in the conflict. Most of these death were Germans making the Thirty Years’ War the deadliest German conflict in history until World War II. Perhaps 20 percent of Germany’s total population perished during the war, with losses of up to 50 percent along a corridor running from Pomerania in the Baltic to the Black Forest. Villages suffered worse than towns, but many towns and cities also saw their populations, manufacture, and trade decline substantially (Cowley and Parker, 1996). Most countries waged war between 1618 and 1648 with financial resources that were grossly inadequate. I the end, the result of the war was not worth the price. However, some good came out of the War. European’s for the first time have come together and agreed that fighting wars of religion are stupid and that it’s time that Europe moves pass the Protestant Reformation. This make the Thirty Years’ War the last major religious war in Europe (Richey, 2014).
What was the Thirty Years’ War? The Thirty Years’ War was the last major religious war in European history. The war spanned 30 years, from 1618 until 1648, and has 4 major phases; Bohemian, Danish, Swedish and French. The Bohemian and Danish phases were religious and local conflicts, while the Swedish and French phases were political and continental. By the end of the war, the Habsburgs had lost all control over their Princes and France was an ascending european power. The Thirty Years’ War marks an important change in Europe 's history for it marks an end to the greatest religious struggle Europe had ever
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